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5 Signs You Use Money to Lower Your Self-Worth

If you had enough money, you’d feel better about yourself right? Not necessarily. Many times, I have found that my coaching clients use money to actually feel unworthy. How we use money is not often recognized as a tool to reflect the way we feel about ourselves.

Here’s How We Can Use Money to Lower Our Self-Worth…

When we…

  • Keep increasing our debt. 
  • Spend money to relieve our guilty feelings.
  • Forget to appreciate what we do have.
  • Get angry with ourselves over past financial mistakes.
  • Use a lack of money as an excuse for not pursuing dreams.

How are you using money, and is it reflecting the way you feel about yourself? Getting to know your relationship with money and how you treat it ultimately affects the way it treats you.

Are You Ready to Stop Using Money to Lower Your Self-Worth?

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