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How Can People that Like to be in Control Meditate?

When it comes to meditation, the first thing most of us think of is sitting still for a period of time, focusing on either our breath, staring at an object, or chanting. And after trying it a few times, we give up, especially if we like to be in control. There’s no way we can practice being still and waiting for the thousands of thoughts in our head to finally slow down and clear out. We need to be more proactive and take control of our mind.

Believe it or not, nowhere in the definition of meditation does it say you have to sit still. That’s just one way of meditating. Think of meditating as engaging in a mental exercise to heighten our state of mind (essentially moving from the 3rd dimension mindset to the 4th dimension mindset). So if you are one of those who can’t get yourself to sit still…

Here’s Some Ways You Can Be in Control of Raising Your State of Mind…


Affirmations or mantras are thoughts we think over and over. They can be done anytime, no matter where we are or whatever activity we are doing.

Be careful with this! If you are not taking charge of your thoughts and have a desire to raise your state of mind, affirmations are usually very negative—full of blaming and judging ourselves, others, or anything else.

The only way affirmations can be used as a form of meditation to raise your mindset is if they are loving and positive—full of forgiving and accepting ourselves, others, or anything else. A good affirmation to get in the habit of thinking is, “Above all else, I want to be happy.”


This is a spinoff of affirmations. The difference is that we focus our thoughts on another person or a group of people. Again, we have to take control of our thoughts—vengeful or judgmental thoughts won’t work. A good loving thought to get in the habit of thinking is, “Above all else, I want to see (Name or group) happy.”


This is taking time to think about experiences, things, people, or anything else that you are grateful for. This really moves you up to the 4th dimension mindset quickly—almost simultaneously. And the more you let yourself spend on reflecting on things you are grateful for, the higher it takes you.

If you practice doing all three on a consistent basis, you’ll never have to sit still to heighten your state of mind.


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