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Why is it Important to Make a Commitment to Feel Worthy?

You may have tried to convince yourself, year after year, that there is nothing you can do to truly feel worthy. So, what’s the use of making a commitment to feel worthy?

Here’s Why it’s so Important!

Until we make the commitment to do whatever it takes to finally feel worthy, we are…

1  WASTING TIME- We will continue to have a not so great life. It probably won’t be horrible—not unless you loathe yourself—but it won’t be wonderful either.

2   STOP LYING TO OURSELVES- We can try to convince ourselves it doesn’t matter that we don’t feel worthy, but deep down we know it does matter.

3  STUCK IN THE 3RD DIMENSION MINDSET- That means we are scared to venture up to the 4th and the 5th dimension, where miracles happen and it gets absolutely amazing.

4   UNSATISFIED IN OUR COMFORT ZONE- There comes a time we will become aware that our comfort zone is just a form of burying our heads in the sand because we are terrified of getting out of it.

5   NEGLECT DOING OUR INNER WORK- It’s so easy to blame ourselves, everyone else, or anything else for our unsatisfying life. But really, it’s because we haven’t done our own inner work by releasing our fears, disappointments, guilt, hurt, and of course, our feeling of unworthiness.


Instead of waiting, jump in!  It may be scary at first to take an all or nothing attitude to feel worthy. A real commitment to yourself requires a there-is-no-turning-back mindset. You won’t regret it.

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