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Why We Don’t Make Feeling Worthy Important

Feeling unworthy is a horrible feeling that we all probably experience to some degree or another. So, why do most of us make feeling worthy insignificant or a low priority?

Here’s A Few Reasons We Don’t Make Feeling Worthy Important…

When we…

  • Don’t think we are worthy enough to feel worthy. Not making it a high priority is one of the ways we punish ourselves for being unworthy.
  • Believe it is a lost cause because we were born disadvantaged or underprivileged.
  • Think it’s too hard to do. We have tried to change our behaviors or achieve goals to feel worthy, only to fall short and feel like a failure.
  • Don’t think it really affects our health, income, career, relationships, or even the quality of our life.
  • Don’t understand that feeling worthy is only a mindset that puts an end to judging and condemning ourselves for every little thing we think is wrong.
  • Don’t know how to feel worthy or where to even start.

It seems like the last thing we want to change is our mindset. We actually think if we interfere with our beliefs, we will somehow lose ourselves, but we really will uncover who we really are and finally feel worthy.

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