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Don’t Make Feeling Worthy into a Lot of Work

Most of us try to feel worthy by trying to control our behaviors.

We may struggle to keep achieving, with the glory of each success only lasting days, at the most. We justify it by telling ourselves, “Maybe if I set my goals higher, I will feel worthy.” This keeps us focused on doing more work.

Or we could try to control our behavior by restricting our behavior to what we feel is right and staying away from what we feel is wrong. If we are honest with ourselves, this doesn’t really make us feel worthier. It usually makes us hone in on that one time we slipped up by doing something wrong and condemned ourselves for it. This keeps us focused on constantly policing and judging ourselves.

The way to feel worthy doesn’t take a lot of hard work! All it takes is the willingness to shift our mindset from the 3rd to the 4th dimension.

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