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How the Twin Flame Chaser’s Wait Can be Tolerable

Maybe you are in the beginning phases of being physically apart from your twin flame. Maybe you have been separated more than once. Maybe you have waited for months, or even years without contact with your twin flame.

It doesn’t matter! You have a choice right now! Are you going to make the rest of the wait a bad experience or tolerable?

Signs Your Wait is a Bad Experience…

When you have spells of…

  • Missing your twin flame terribly.
  • Feeling sad thinking about being apart.
  • Thinking you did something wrong in the relationship.
  • Blaming your twin for running.
  • Feeling like a failure.
  • Getting downright depressed.
  • Feeling sorry for yourself and wondering things like, “no one I know has this kind of heartache, why do I?”
  • Thinking “I wouldn’t wish this experience for anyone else.”

If you are one of those having a bad experience at least half of the time, you can do something about it. That doesn’t mean you reach out and try to contact your twin flame—yet again. It means you get into doing your inner work of learning how to unconditionally love.

When we begin using our inner guide, stop doubting ourselves, forgive the past, accept and appreciate things the way they are, have faith, and finally feel worthy of the same unconditional love, it makes the wait tolerable, if not satisfying.

“Satisfaction is moving in the direction of a desire.”

Abraham Hicks

If you need help making the wait tolerable you can…

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