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Twin Flames: What is Inner Work?

I often tell my potential coaching clients that the twin flame journey gets a lot easier and can be downright pleasant when you do your inner work. They often question, “What is inner work?” Here’s my reply.

Doing Inner Work is Learning How to…

1   Rely on God (Higher Power, Source, Spirit, Universe, or whatever you want to call it).

2   Feel worthy.

3   End the need to doubt, worry, or be afraid.

4   Use your intuition or inner guide.

5   Release control of what happens.

6   Not cast blame, even towards yourself.

7   Be honest and tell the truth.

8   Communicate telepathically.

9   Make how you feel more important than what’s happening.

10   Forgive others and yourself.

11   Enjoy change.

12   End the habit of people pleasing.

13   Be grateful, even for the unpleasant situations.

14   Be aware of your thoughts, taking yourself off of auto-pilot.

Good News!

Whew! When you look at this list it can seem exhausting and overwhelming. But the good news is that if you only work on ONE of these, (especially #1), you’ll feel the difference right away. Then, the more inner work you do, the better you will feel about yourself and your twin flame journey.

Everywhere you turn there are methods and people to help with doing your inner work. Just use your inner guidance and dig in to what feels right. I offer two ways other than my blogs and videos…

 A Course for Twin Flames

This self-study program shows you how to take the heartache out of your relationship and shorten your timeline for a happy outcome. For more details.


Twin Flame One-on-one Coaching

Coaching consists of 45-minute sessions over the phone (within the United States). For more Details. For an initial coaching and consulting session at a discounted price, contact Vickie Champion.  

To improve your ability to sense your twin flame’s thoughts and emotions, check out my Twin Flame Telepathy eBook.