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56 Reasons to Stay in the 3rd Dimension Mindset

Yes, there are good reasons to stay in the 3rd dimension. Sometimes we’re just not ready to change our mind and move up to the 4th dimension.

Here are 56 of them….

When we want to…

1   Resist making any significant changes in our lives.

2   Fight for what is right or what is wrong instead of wanting to see both sides of the issue.

3   Think having conflict with some people is normal.

4   Have pride or even brag about being crazy busy.

5   Lie or hide the truth to avoid punishment.

6   Ignore our inner guidance or intuition.

7   Create possible catastrophic scenarios for situations in our lives.

8   Keep using food, drinking, smoking, drugs, or anything else to relieve stress.

9   Believe reality is based only on what we see, hear, and physically touch.

10   Consider God, or a Higher Power as hokey.

11   Live by rules, traditions, and obligations others have set in place.

12   Feel anger and grudges are justified.

13   Live life like it’s a race, always running from one problem to another.

14   Call ourselves or others names, such as idiot, asshole, loser, or fatty.

15   Get our excitement from what’s happening and the drama that comes with it.

16   Keep daydreaming about righting a wrong or getting revenge.

17   Build our self-esteem by criticizing others.

18   Not appreciate what we have now.

19   Avoid downtime.

20   Continue having thoughts that are in constant disarray, have a difficult time making decisions, or have trouble sleeping.

21   Get even for a loss.

22   Get retribution for being betrayed.

23   Believe we can hurt other people and others can hurt us by telling the truth.

24   Be a victim of something that happened in the past.

25   Become ill.

26   Be unpleasant to be around.

27   Have to be on guard and defend ourselves.

28   Resent others for having an easier life than we do.

29   Run away from someone or something.

30   Make others feel guilty for what they did or didn’t do.

31   Be easily deceived by others.

32   Hold onto regrets about past events and what should have happened.

33   Fight with all our might to stay in our comfort zone and to not ruffle feathers.

34    Tell others off.

35   Believe thoughts are private unless we express them.

36   Focus on meeting expectations of others.

37   Rehearse in our mind possible difficult conversations.

38   Want others to be punished for what they did or didn’t do.

39   Believe compromise and sacrifice is required in any relationship.

40   Believe there are things out there to be feared.

41   Let our ability to feel good depend on what’s currently happening.

42   Be in control of what happens.

43   Blame everyone and everything—past, present, or future—for our current situation.

44   Make lots of plans and promises to try to feel safe.

45   Feel sorry for ourselves.

46   Worry when something changes.

47   Talk about our problems all the time.

48   One-up or be superior to others.

49   Think other’s opinions matter more than our own.

50   Practice conditional love to the fullest. Each individual tries to do and say what will please the other.

51   Prove something good or bad.

52   Criticize ourselves.

53   Complain about what we don’t have and what is not going right.

54   Take things personal, trying to make everything that happens about us.

55   Give in order to get something in return.

56   Feel exhausted.

Whew! What a list. We can stay in the 3rd dimension as long as we want to, but here’s the problem: Every thought we think has an effect. So, if we think the negative thoughts that come with the 3rd dimension, we will get negative effects. It’s much easier and pleasant to change the way we think then go through the painful experiences we will have by staying in the 3D consciousness.

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