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The Absolute Easiest Way to Develop Telepathy

Most people don’t try to learn to read minds. Maybe they think it’s too hard. Maybe it’s too woo-woo and it scares them. Whatever the reason, they are missing out on a way to avoid problems, relieve fears, not be deceived, and utilize their intuition or inner guide.

Telepathy is the ability to go deeper, picking up the thoughts and feelings of other people, instead of relying only on physical touch and the written or spoken word.

Here’s it is! The Easiest Way to Read Minds…

Pay attention to how you feel about the other person. When you think about this person, are you angry, judgmental, or afraid? Or do you feel love, excitement, or all warm and fuzzy? That’s how the other person feels about you. It’s that simple.

A Course in Miracles says, “minds are joined” and they are.

Here’s where it can get confusing!

If we disregard our feelings about the other person and pay attention to what they say or do, this could mislead us. Without acknowledging how we feel, it’s easy to let their niceness, erratic, or attacking behavior fool us.

When that happens, because we are unsure about ourselves, we give the other person (them, not ourselves) the benefit of the doubt.  Usually, this causes us to follow suit and mirror them.

An Example

You meet someone new, and for some unknown reason, you don’t like them. They go out of their way to be nice to you, so you immediately doubt yourself and go out of your way to be nice to them. Meanwhile, you completely ignore the fact that you don’t like them and they don’t like you (minds are joined, remember). Then you wonder why the relationship is unfulfilling and full of sacrifice.

Another Example

You have been with your partner for some time, but recently you have noticed them lashing back at you for doing little things that never used to bother them before. When you disregard your own feelings, you start following suit and blame them. What results is a long, painful breakup, with both of you casting the blame on each other.

But if you pay attention to how you are feeling about your partner, you’ve been aware all along that you felt more and more distant, and not because of anything anyone did. Let me re-emphasize, your partner is feeling the same beneath the surface. Because you were aware of your own deep feelings and didn’t attack back, when you separate, it will be in peace.

Good news, for those who ignore their feelings!

At any given moment, you can change your mind and treat your own feelings as significant.


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