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Language vs Telepathy- What’s the Difference?

Have you ever wanted to know what a person is really thinking? Part of finding out is knowing the difference between what is said/written and what is the truth.

Here’s the distinctions…


The spoken and written word…

1   Can be used for manipulation. Some sales people, politicians, or even your significant other can say what you would like to hear in order to get something from it.

2   Could send mixed messages and be confusing.

3    Is a product of the lower 3rd dimension mindset, and it relies solely on what can be heard or read.

4    Is mind to mind communication.

5    Is limited by the amount of words and the rules of grammar.

6    Can make it easy to keep secrets, evoke hurt, and betrayal.

7    Governs rigid beliefs such as contracts and promises.

8    Gives false safety.

9    Is a denser and slower way to communicate.




1    Is the act of picking up on thoughts and feelings of the sender, paying less attention to the words used.

2    Is unlimited, allowing you to observe the whole message.

3    Uses the higher 4th and 5th dimensional mindsets, where you are able to pick up the truth of the person’s mental and emotional states.

4    Is heart to heart communication.

5     Sees through the dishonesty, betrayal, and broken promises.

6     Finds safety in the truth.

7     Is a lighter and less dense way to communicate.


Now that you know some of the differences, wouldn’t it save a lot of time and hurt to be aware of the truth right off the bat?

Here’s the easy part!

If you want to use telepathy more often, all you need is the desire to use it.


For more about the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimension.

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