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Obsessive vs. Twin Flame Relationships– What is the Difference?

Many of us, at some point in time, find ourselves in a relationship that literally knocks our socks off. When the passion is so extreme, we want to be with them every minute of the day, and can’t keep our hands off them. You know, when we are sure they are the one and only one.

Because of the overwhelming intensity, sometimes it is difficult to distinguish whether we have hit the payload and are in the midst of the highest kind of relationship humanly possible. Or if we are embarking on a relationship that is a journey of unfulfilling wishes that little by little cut away at our self-esteem.

To help you save months (or years!) until you finally figure it out on your own, let’s look at:

Some of the differences between Obsessive Relationships and Twin Flame Relationships…


Those in Obsessive Relationships Tend to…

  • Feel they must constantly stay in touch with each during the day, whether it is by texting, calling, or emailing. Anxiety usually builds when there isn’t a timely response.
  • Say the L-word as much as possible, especially on the phone or when departing. If one partner doesn’t say “I love you” enough, the other may start to think their partner doesn’t love them anymore or that their partner is cheating.
  • Need constant reassurance.

Those in Twin Flame Relationships Tend to…

  • Communicate by telepathy.
  • Not say “I love you” a lot. They feel it. There is no doubt in their minds.


 Those in Obsessive Relationships Tend to…

  • Engage in people pleasing. One or both parties change their appearance, behaviors, and beliefs to please the other. They think nothing of actually changing into someone else in order to get the other’s approval.
  • Let physical separation become a mood changer. They let themselves become depressed in the absence of one another. This leads to lots of  “I miss you” texts and calls.
  • Have little secrets and tell white lies. They don’t want their partner to either disapprove or to have their feelings hurt.

Those in Twin Flame Relationships Tend to…

  • Learn to accept each other exactly the way they are.
  • Feel their love interest’s connection no matter where they are in the world.
  • Be completely honest with each other about everything.


Those in Obsessive Relationships Tend to…

  • Develop long drawn out fantasies of how they want it to be in the future. This likely involves a marriage, an orchestrated wedding ceremony, and having children.
  • Create imaginary conversations between themselves and their love interest.

Those in Twin Flame Relationships Tend to…

  • Get intuitive glimpses of what might happen in the future. Intuition doesn’t tell the whole story, it just gives little snapshots. So, instead of getting wrapped up in making plans and embellishing on every little detail, twin flames are prone to watch the relationship unfold and wait for the next glimpse.


Those in Obsessive Relationships Tend to…

  • Constantly describe their love object. They concentrate on detailing who the person is, such as their appearance, bad and good personality traits, achievements, kind gestures, and loving words.
  • Ignore the warning signs and red flags, such as jealousy, arguments, placing blame, and misunderstandings.
  • Try to make the relationship happen. They either orchestrate ways to run into their love object on purpose, try to get close to his/her friends, or plot ways to break up their current relationship with someone else.

Those in Twin Flame Relationships Tend to…

  • Learn to pay less attention to who their love object is and put more focus on the interaction between each other, and how they relate to one another.
  • Notice the signs and synchronicities, whether they are “this is going well” or “this is not going well” signs.
  • Work on letting it happen in divine timing.


Those in Obsessive Relationships Tend to…

  • Neglect other people in their lives, such as family, friends and co-workers.
  • Believe their love object will be everything to them and they need no one else. They can easily get so wrapped up in devoting all their attention on their love object that they even forget God (Higher Power, Source, Spirit, Inner Guidance, or whatever term you want to use).

Those in Twin Flame Relationships Tend to…

  • Believe in inclusion, leaving no one behind.
  • Make God (Higher Power, Source, Spirit, Inner Guidance, etc.) a big part of the relationship. It would be impossible to navigate through the twin flame journey without help and guidance from some Higher Power.


Those in Obsessive Relationships Tend to…

  • Find that other people become agitated with them when they constantly discuss their love object. Others either quickly change the subject, roll their eyes, manage to disappear, or flat out request them to stop.
  • Have family, friends and even strangers express their concerns that there may be an obsession problem. If best friends or more than one of the others has spoken up, that’s a red flag.

  Those in Twin Flame Relationships Tend to…

  • Have support from most they encounter because of the high energy they can feel. Psychics are usually good at picking up the twin flame energy.
  • Have people look forward to hearing about any latest twists and turns of the relationship. A few of the others may not totally understand, but they usually don’t believe it’s obsessive either.


Those in Obsessive Relationships Tend to…

  • Need the relationship to be a certain way, most often in the form of some kind of lasting romantic relationship.
  • Treat the other person as a possession. They have the delusion that their object of desire does (or will) belong to them.
  • Use the other person as a trophy or self-esteem enhancer.
  • Be deathly afraid of losing their love object.

Those in Twin Flame Relationships Tend to…

  • Not be as concerned with the form of the relationship, whether it’s romantic, work related, or just friends.
  • Focus on unconditional love, forgiveness, appreciation, and acceptance of the other person.

Here’s the Good Part!

Whether you are in an obsessive relationship or a twin flame union, it doesn’t make a difference. Either one can be a wonderful experience if you focus on unconditional loving, no matter what form the relationship takes. God (Higher Power, Source, Spirit, Inner Guidance, etc.) is great with taking a mess and turning it into something amazing, if you just ask.

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