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29 Ways to Describe, Define, or Explain Fear

When I ask: “Do you want to get rid of the fear?” My clients often react as if they don’t know what I am talking about. They really don’t think they are afraid of anything. They feel they are just having an argument or stressed and it’s not fear. To clarify what fear really means I’ve listed ways to define it and explanations on the not-so-obvious ones.

Here are OBVIOUS Ways to Define Fear….

1  Anxiety

2  Concern

3  Worry

4  Doubt

6  Horror

7  Fright

8  Panic

9  Insecurity

Here are the NOT-SO-OBVIOUS Ways to Define Fear….

10   Anger- Afraid you have no control over an individual or a situation.

11   Suspicious- Afraid you’ll be hurt in some way.

12   Dread- Afraid you have to do something you don’t want to do.

13   Impatience- Afraid you won’t get what you want.

14   Control- Needing it to go your way to feel safe.

15   Intimidation- Afraid others are better than you.

16   Shyness- The inability to stand out and express yourself for fear that someone will disapprove.

17   Confusion- Afraid if you make a decision, you’ll make a mistake.

18   Sacrifice- Afraid you will have to give something valuable up to get something else.

19   Procrastination- Afraid you’ll make a mistake.

20   Perfectionism- Afraid you’ll make a mistake.

21   Avoidance- Afraid to look or think about it.

22   Regretful- Afraid you made mistakes in the past.

23   People pleasing Afraid if you don’t “do” something, you won’t be liked.

24   Obligation- Behaving a certain way in fear of not being a responsible person.

25   Vengeful- Afraid someone will not be punished for their mistakes.

26   Inadequacy- Afraid you can’t handle the situation.

27   Bored- Afraid to do something different.

28   Guilt- Afraid you did something wrong.

29   Envious- Afraid someone has it better than you.

Believe it or not, I stopped myself from listing all the definitions of fear. But in your observations of yourself, if you notice feelings and reactions that make you feel bad about yourself, makes other feel bad, or makes specific situations worse – that’s fear.

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