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Obstacles: Are they Intuitive Signs?

Maybe you have sent out hundreds of resumes without getting a job interview. This need not be. Did you start a business two years ago and still haven’t broke even? This need not be. Or maybe you are an actor in Los Angeles who has yet to get a callback. This need not be.

Obstacles are stumbling blocks, delays, or anything else that makes life such a struggle.  Is it your intuition giving you a sign from the universe? Absolutely.

Obstacles, though unpleasant, are just as much of a sign as the serendipitous events or messages that serve as positive signs.

Obstacles are either telling us to…

  • Stop and move in a different direction
  • Correct our path so we take a short cut
  • Or to wait

Taking the time to notice your intuition and what it is telling you can alleviate the struggle, help you accomplish more in less time, or discover that something even better awaits.

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