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How do You Know if Your Intuition is Sending You a Sign?

In my coaching sessions it’s easy to listen to my clients share their stories, ask the right questions and pick up on the signs, synchronicities, and coincidences. But noticing our own external signs is trickier.  It takes an ability to detach from the drama and emotion of trying to make something happen in a specific way and become an observer instead. Our intuition, God, the universe or whatever we want to label it, is constantly giving us external signs or signs from the universe. All we have to do is pull our heads out of the muck and pay attention.

How do You Know if it’s a Sign? 

It’s easy. Whenever we get an inward knowing or a feeling that it was a private message just for us, it was.

If I want validation and receive a clear sign that I’m listening to my intuition, I start paying attention to my surroundings, what happens, and what people say.  Then I ask myself, “What are the odds of this happening at all? What are the odds that this is happening at this particular moment? And what are the odds of me noticing it?” That usually clears up my doubt whether it was a sign or not.

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