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What Ways do Intuitive Signs Come To Us?

Signs can come from everywhere, anyone, and anything.  Here are a few of the more common types.

Signs Can Come to Us by…

Radio… The obvious example is hearing a song that reminds you of someone or something.

Books… When I need an answer, I often close my eyes, randomly open a page of A Course in Miracles, point my finger, open my eyes and read. It’s usually just what I need.

Messages from strangers… About my pending move to L.A., I heard the words Los Angeles said 5 times by 4 different strangers in one day.

Movies… Signs could be a theme or even one of the characters saying something you need to hear.

Music… A sample would be hearing lyrics that either answers your question or that reminds you of a situation or an individual.

TV… I even heard a newscaster at a Phoenix station say that the 405 in Los Angeles would be closed that weekend.

Artwork… I got a sign recently from seeing a logo on a jacket.

Obstacles… A good example of this is either playing phone tag or having one problem after another crop up.

Friends… After I tell friends about something, I watch their reaction. Do they get excited or poo-poo it? Either way, this could be a sign.

Gifts… Maybe it’s a card or a fridge magnet with a special message.

Road Signs and Billboards… It could be someone’s name, a location or just about anything that gives you an indication.

Conversations…  Lately, I’m getting all sorts of people talking about their recent trip to Los Angeles or how their daughter is in the Hollywood film industry.

Serendipitous events…  This could be whole situations that are “in the flow.” It’s where we meet the right people at the right time doing the right things.

I bet as I was retelling some of the signs, synchronicities, and coincidences I received recently, something flashed into your mind. An image or some words. Don’t discount it. That’s your sign.

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