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How to Feel Safe During Uncertainty

Are you afraid about what tomorrow will bring? Are you changing your lifestyle out of fear or staying awake at night tossing and turning?

Whether tormented about what’s going to happen, worried over losing something, or just uncomfortable with change, many of us are simply trying to get through the day without letting the fear consume us. It’s like the ground has been pulled out from underneath us. We just don’t feel safe.

If you’ve been living with this kind of fear, here are some tips to help you feel safer:

Unfortunately, there are no mechanical devices or man-made formulas that are 100  percent successful, 100 percent of the time. So, instead of depending on something that might miss the mark, put your faith in your “intuition.” A quick definition of “intuition” is a “gut instinct,” “feeling,” “sense,” or a “knowing.” “Intuition” has a way of automatically giving us an accurate reading of all aspects of the situation and then directing us out of harm’s way. And, it NEVER fails.

If we feel unsafe, most likely we are focusing the majority of our attention on what’s going to happen to us in the future. We spend time trying to figure out possible upcoming situations, their outcomes, the effects they will have and what systems to put into action to avoid them. But, in actuality, things almost never turn out quite like we thought they would. Rather than making yourself sick with fear, praying that you’ve thought of every possible situation that could happen and the right solution, focus on the “now.” Not only does staying in the moment take the fear away, but it allows us an awareness of things that we would not necessarily pick up otherwise.

These days our world is changing so quickly it’s easy to let outside events and situations take control of our lives and run the show. We think we are at their mercy and cannot do anything about them. One of the ways to stop events from taking control is to sit down, get quiet and have a heart-to-heart conversation with your “self.” Some of the questions you could ask are:

  • Is this event going to change my life in any way? How?
  • If so, will I be O.K.?
  • Do I do anything differently? If so, what?

If the answers caused more fear, you probably didn’t wait for your “self” to respond. Real safety comes from tapping into a power greater than ourselves – a power that knows every fact about the past, present, and the future … a power that knows how to provide an outcome where everyone wins. There is not one person alive who doesn’t have the ability to tap into this power. The question is, “Do we want to use it?”

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