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10 Reasons it is So Hard to Forgive

If forgiveness were always easy the self-help section of the bookstore wouldn’t be lined with titles telling people how to do just that. Take heart and know that you’re not the only one who struggles with forgiveness.  Identifying why forgiveness is difficult for you, however, could be the first step in resolving the anger issue that’s holding you back from happiness.

Here’s 10 Reasons it is So Hard to Forgive…

1  We might feel trust is broken or we’ve been betrayed.

2  We don’t want to let them off the hook.

3  We think forgiveness means that we let them in our lives again.

4  If we forgive and forget it will happen again.

5  When we want to feel superior. This usually happens when we want an apology.

6  We believe anger stops it from happening again.

7  We believe our resentment can punish others.

8  We want them to take responsibility for their actions.

9  We want then to be willing to remedy the situation.

10  We believe we must forgive the truth and not our perception of it.

Another reason why there are so many books about the art of forgiveness is because it’s important.  Forgiving someone — and often ourselves — can lead to a greater awareness, a shift in stuck energy and a happier, more blissful life.

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