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How to Recognize a Bad Life Coach

Life coaching can help people get where they want to go faster. It can guide them in finding their passion, eradicating their creative “stuck,” and help create greater peace and joy in people’s lives. I know many coaches who do extraordinary work every day. And then…there are the coaches that haven’t found their dream job yet.

Here’s Some Signs of a Bad Life Coach…

When they…

  • Don’t teach, coach, advise, provide guidance, or give you any insights.
  • Get easily distracted during your sessions.
  • Feel sorry for you or are condescending.
  • Don’t engage you in the conversation.
  • Multitask during your sessions.
  • Blame others for your problems.
  • Forget your appointments.
  • Give you no action steps.
  • Really don’t care about you or your progress.
  • Are chronic people pleasers.
  • Become defensive or argue with you.
  • Have plenty of excuses.
  • Let you whine the whole session.
  • Leave you confused and feeling lousy.
  • Hold you to a contract no matter how unhappy you are.

Do any of these happen with a good life coach? YES.  But it’s infrequent. No one’s perfect. But if you have a life coach that does several of these things right off the bat or on a consistent basis, you’ve got a dud. Don’t waste any more time or money. Find the coach who is engaged, helpful and can suggest the tools you need to create your best life.

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