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12 Benefits of Not Forgiving Ourselves

What you’ve done is not the reason you’re not forgiving yourself. It’s what you want to continue to do. Think about that. There’s a reason – one that you feel is pretty darn good – for continuing to hold onto that self scorn. We always think we have good reasons for what we do. And maybe we do, or did. Is it time to change your reason for not forgiving yourself? Consider these 12 benefits or excuses we have for not forgiving ourselves.

We can have an EXCUSE to…

1  Talk about ourselves with a self-condemning overtone.

2  Place others ahead of ourselves.

3  Hold onto bad habits like overeating and overspending to punish ourselves.

4  Deflect gifts or compliments from others.

5  Feel intimidated when we’re around others.

6  Stay stuck in time, reliving events over and over.

7  Neglect self-care.

8  Delay going for our dream job.

9  Preoccupy our time with ugly memories.

10  Deprive ourselves of the things we want to do, be or have.

11  Ignore our intuition.

12  Pat ourselves on the back for being right.

Did you recognize yourself in any of these statements? Well for heaven sakes don’t condemn yourself anymore! Just be aware. Smile on that self-awareness and know that with it things have already started to change.

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