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8 Signs You Have NOT Forgiven Someone

Forgiveness can be like cleaning out your closet. At first, it’s dreaded as one difficult, if not impossible, task. But once the contents have been cleared, sorted and organized, everything feels better – lighter.
Do the contents of your spirit need to be assessed? Forgiveness is one pathway toward clearing and freeing the spirit. We can say we have forgiven someone, but have we?

Here’s how to tell if you still need to do more forgiveness work-

When you…

1   Use what the person said or did as a topic of conversation.

2   Daydream about getting revenge or some kind of justice. A good example of this is attending your high school reunion and showing them.

3   Preoccupy your mind day in and day out either reliving or dwelling on the situation or the person’s behaviors.

4   Get annoyed if someone even mentions the person.

5   Have a tendency to avoid the person.

6   Are secretly delighted to hear about the person’s current difficulties and losses.

7   Strongly believe you have been unfairly treated and are an innocent victim.

8   Have friends and family that are tired of talking about the person and the latest drama.

Forgiveness is usually more of a process than we are willing to admit. If there’s still work to do, that’s OK! Now you know that you need to continue the process of forgiving to create a lighter, more expansive you.

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