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A Story About Overcoming Guilt

I often tell this story because it reminds me how much I need others to help open my mind and how we can sometimes transform our guilt into something positive.


Just before my grandmother passed away, she made me a bright pink and raspberry red throw for the couch. If you know me, you know bright, bold colors are not my style.

Even though I was plagued with guilt, for several years I was unable to even get it out of the bag and use it. I had so much guilt, I discussed this with my life coach at the time and she said  ”If you don’t like it, it wasn’t really made for you. You’re only supposed to deliver it to the rightful owner.”

I had an “ah-hah” moment.

Relieved of guilt, I put the throw in a garage sale. I wanted to sell it to the right person, someone who would love it. I got many offers, but it didn’t feel right until I noticed this young girl looking at it. She told me the throw was the most beautiful thing she had seen, but she didn’t have enough money to buy it. I told the girl about my grandmother. Then I told her she could have the throw. I’ll never forget the look in her eyes.

I thought my grandmother had given me a throw. Instead she gave me an unbelievable experience that still brings tears to my eyes. I never will forget this wonderful gift.

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