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9 Things That Can Cause Anyone A Lot of Guilt

Feeling poorly about yourself? Like you could and should do better? Maybe it’s guilt. Guilt acts as a negative detour in your life, prohibiting you from taking care of yourself, being kind to yourself and pursuing your dreams, among other things.

Here are Nine Reasons my Life and Business Coaching Clients Give for Feeling Guilty…

1  Filing bankruptcy.

2  Not doing it all, being the super mom or dad.

3  Getting divorced.

4  Ending a relationship.

5  Gaining weight.

6  Not caring for your elderly parents properly.

Cheating on your spouse.

8  Losing a loved one.

9  Not working.

I am exploring guilt in this series because so many of my clients suffer from it. Some do not even know that it is guilt that is sabotaging them.

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