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10 Popular Things that Women Feel Guilty Over

Women collect, feed and refuse to let them go. Men? Not so much. I’m talking about reasons to feel guilty. Women are often serial guilt-hoarders. Storing so much guilt inside their bodies and lives and then when encouraged to release some of it, they decline. In all my years as a business and life coach, the number of women struggling daily with guilt issues far out number the men.

Popular Things Women Feel Guilty Over are…

1  Eating forbidden foods, you know, the ones full of sugar.

2  Balancing life as a working mom.

3  Doing nothing.  We think we need to fix everything for everybody.

4  Eating chocolate.


6  Not having a knock-em dead body.

7  Spending too much money.

8  Not doing more to take care of our parents.

9  Spending money on self-growth, hobbies, or self-care like massages. An exception is if anything is used to achieve a knock-em dead body.

10  Receiving praise we feel is undeserved.
Women have cornered the market when it comes to feeling guilty.  Women take on a lot of responsibility and when they refuse to meet their own expectations they feel guilty.

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