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The Guilt Cycle

Notice how no matter what we do to relieve guilt it never fades away? It’s like a never ending cycle. I’ll explain why.

1 Remember, the only way we can feel guilty is to start with making up a rule we think we need to follow and then try to follow it.

Example… Loving mothers stay home when their kids are young.

2 We start feeling deprived.

Example… We need more money to pay the bills.

3 We then break the rule.

Example… We get a job.

4 We begin to feel guilty about breaking the rule.

Example… We think we are hurting our kids in some way.

5 We try to relieve the guilt.

Example… We buy our kids some extra toys to make up for it.

And here we go again…

1 We create another rule to follow to relieve the guilt.

Example… Good mothers who work give their kids anything they want.

2 We feel deprived again.

Example… There is still not enough money to pay all the bills.

3 We then discard the original rule to follow the current rule.

Example… Then we work longer hours to get a promotion or take on an extra job.


And so on…

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