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What is Guilt?

Hey, you know that unsettled feeling in your stomach? The hang-your-head, slink-away, don’t-even-look-at-me feeling? It’s guilt. You know it when you feel it and you may even know what’s causing it. But do you know what guilt is?

Guilt is nothing more than making up a rule we think we need to follow and then breaking it.

Examples are:

  • The rule might be “In order to lose weight, I have to stay on this diet.” Then you break the rule buying eating a piece of chocolate. This causes enormous guilt.


  • The rule could be “Good parents spend time with their kids.” Then you get busy at work and neglect them which causes guilt.


  • The rule might be “Good sales people offer customers products what would be good for them.” Because your company has discontinued paying commissions on what would be best for your client, you sell them something else. You feel guilty.

Watch for my upcoming blogs that deal with how to get rid of guilt. You don’t have to absorb guilt and bear its weight like an over-packed shoulder bag. Learn my tools, tips and tricks for easing and eliminating the guilt.

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