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The Heaviest Movie I Have Ever Seen!

I just rented  As it is in Heaven for the second time and will probably see it again and again.  It is the deepest and most progressive movie I’ve seen and I see a lot of movies.  It is packed with in-depth, courageous and insightful messages. I stopped counting at 24 and I am sure when I see it again, I will find more.

This was a Swedish movie with English subtitles and it didn’t faze me.  Rather, reading what was said provided clarity so I could absorb the points that were conveyed.  A couple of times I had to pause the movie, having a hard time believing they had the guts to bring concepts out in the open like, “There is no sin. The churches made it up.”

If you are “A Course in Miracles” student, interested in personal growth, or just want a movie that makes you to think, I highly recommend it.

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