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How We Under Use the Power of Thought

It always fascinates me what we accept as fact, how these “facts” have power over us and why we tolerate them. We never stop to think that all we need to do is change our minds.

The Sizzling Story

The scorching summer heat in Phoenix, AZ can be absolutely miserable. Everywhere you go you hear people complaining and rearranging their whole life around the temperature.

Well several years ago when I moved here from 70-degree, year-round San Diego, Calif., I had to start practicing what I was preaching. I thought about all those years I lived in Denver, Colo. and never thought much about the cold and snow. So why was I letting the heat rule my life now? I made a decision back then to change forever my thoughts about the heat to, “I will not let the weather disturb me in anyway.”

I realized the power of my thoughts and what I had really done on a summer afternoon a couple of weeks later. I caught myself standing in the sun talking to a client for about 20 minutes. When I got in the car and turned on the radio the announcer said the current temperature was 114 degrees. What fascinated me was I never noticed the temperature.

I am sure there are others — landscapers, construction workers, and joggers – here in Phoenix who know the secret to tolerating the heat. I am proud to be one of them.

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