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How to Use Your Intuition Dating

Most of us forget to trust our “intuition” or “gut instincts” with simple things like finding a boy/girl friend. It usually means the difference between having a difficult relationship that is more stressful than it’s worth or finding a relationship that is pleasant, low-maintenance and amazing.

Whether you’re on your first date or have been dating for some time, one of the easiest ways to detect a great relationship is to pay attention to the flow. Below are some simple ways to know if you’re heading for a difficult, ho-hum or disastrous relationship.

12 Signs Your Date is NOT Perfect for You:

When you…

1    Often play phone tag.

2    Notice your date doesn’t want to know more about you.

3    Observe there is no flow to the conversation. At times you have nothing to say or talk about.

4    Have difficulty getting on the same page, which leads to little misunderstandings.

5    Avoid discussing certain subjects, like having kids. Or you find yourself telling little white lies because you’re afraid of the response.

6    Are concerned about what your date will think of you if you tell the truth and are yourself.

7    Can’t get yourself to bring up certain questions.

8    Have a hard time getting your date to answer your questions.

9    Find your date getting upset when something changes or isn’t flexible.

10  Or your date forgets the details about your next get together.

11  Have an uncomfortable feeling inside when he or she compliments you.

12  Don’t feel good inside anytime during or right after the date.

As a life coach, I’ve noticed if you observe some of these “intuitive” signs, there is no way you can change yourself or your date to make it work. No matter how hard you try, the relationship is what it is. Essentially, you’re not listening to your “intuition” and you are trying to “make do” with someone other than your perfect date. Your perfect date, by the way, is still waiting for you while you’re ignoring your intuition! So keep looking! You will save a lot of headaches and time if you do.
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