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The Advantages of Doing Affirmations

For more than a decade now, I have suggested affirmations or mantras as a tool to solve just about any problem. I have seen them work at increasing sales, making peace in relationships and kicking bad habits. Out of the hundreds of workshop attendees and business coaching and life coaching clients I’ve had, I have yet to see anyone who did affirmations on a consistent basis who did not benefit from them.

Here are Some of the Many Advantages of Doing Affirmations…

  • We see quick RESULTS with little effort.
  • They help us achieve our DREAMS.
  • Affirmations build CONFIDENCE and SELF-ESTEEM.
  • The repetition helps us stay FOCUSED on our goals.
  • They are effective in changing worn out HABITS and creating better ones.
  • Affirmations get us out of the FEAR.
  • We run our business or live the life we WANT.
  • They make unpleasant TASKS less painful.
  • Our ANGER is removed.
  • Affirmations renew our MOTIVATION.
  • We eliminate the need to BLAME everyone and everything for our problems.
  • The short sayings bring HOPE into any situation.
  • They help us SLEEP at night.
  • Affirmations eliminate CONFUSION when making decisions.
  • Allow us time to APPRECIATE what we did do, instead of focusing on  what we didn’t.
  • Affirmations deaden the desire to COMPLAIN.
  • The right phrase can release the DRAMA in our lives.
  • Affirmations keep our business and life in BALANCE.

Never underestimate the power of affirmations. As you get in the habit of using them, you will see affirmations as a strong ally in solving problems, dissolving fear and achieving even the biggest, craziest, reach-for-the-moon dreams.

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