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What are Affirmations?

I just had a coaching client from Orange County, Calif. ask me, “What are affirmations or mantras, anyway? Can you define it for me?” It’s become so natural to me that I assumed everyone knew about them. This is for those of you who could use Affirmations 101.

Affirmations are any thought you think over and over. It is the act of affirming a belief. So in essence every thought that has been adopted as a belief is an affirmation of some sort.

I usually have my coaching clients repeat an affirmation until they start believing it. Then it becomes a natural part of who you are.

You can think it, say it, or write it. I even had a coaching client from New York City who would sing her affirmations. The most time consuming, but also the most effective, is to write the affirmations down by hand. I think that’s why years ago teachers would make you stay after school and write a statement 50 times on the blackboard.

Affirmations are based on the theory, “Every thought you think has an effect.” So if you can put more positive thoughts in your head than negative, it will change your life. I’m telling you, it does.

Most of the time I start my beginning coaching sessions by having clients do affirmations for the simple reason it provides quick relief for the least amount of effort.

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