Workshops- Nothing Is Impossible™ Group Coaching Programs

Find Out What Life and Business is Like When Nothing Is Impossible!

These two different group coaching programs are only facilitated in the Los Anglees, CA metro area.

Each one is designed to motivate you to change your thinking, release unproductive patterns, listen to your intuition or gut instincts, and uncover what you truly want to experiencein your life or business.  In a team environment, participants engage in activities that help them decide what they want to experience inwardly and are shown how to easily achieve it.


What Happens When Participants Learn that Nothing Is Impossible?

Vickie has helped me with my business in many ways. She is very intuitive and can see things that need to shift way before you do. I have avoided many costly mistakes by working with her. She is compassionate and yet direct. ”
Ericka Young
Certified Financial Counselor

Fishers, IN

  • "I went from paper shuffler to being a daily desk organizer."
  • "I attracted so many new clients, I raised the fees for my CPA practice twice."
  • "I'm bringing in bigger sales with less effort."
  • "I've learned to escape life's little dramas."
  • "No more tossing and turning. I'm sleeping better than ever."
  • "I've learned to use my intuition to make major life decisions with ease."
  • "I've learned to listen and communicate better than ever before."
  • "I've eliminated procrastination from my life to operate most days at 100%."
  • "I've stopped juggling and learned to balance my life instead."
  • "I've removed the conflict in interactions with my supervisor."
  • "I've stopped trying to fix everyone else's lives."
  • "It has literally lowered my high blood pressure to normal."


Why do the Participants Love Nothing Is Impossible™ Workshops?

  • The team atmosphere provides the support you need to play a bigger game in business and in life  
  • Group camaraderie lasts beyond the first 6 classes (so far all the groups have continued the classes indefinitely for further business and personal growth)
  • Results are GUARANTEED from day one
  • With each group coaching class you will become a happier and better you
  • Participants become the 5% who get results rather than the 95% that only wish they knew the secrets
  • Participants learn to live without fear or judgment
  • Participants not only support each other, but promote and network each other as well
  • Nothing Is Impossible™ teaches strategies that help you succeed in every situation in life
  • Participants learn that success and balance can and should co-exist

What You Can Expect!

  • Meet for a 90-minute group coaching session every other week
  • Participate as one of the 6-12 team members
  • If you cannot attend one of the sessions, you will get a private one-on-one session to get you back on track

What’s the Next Step?

If you are ready to find out if any of the Nothing Is Impossible™ Programs are right for you or your business, contact me. I'm available 8-5 M-F (480) 838-9866 PST or send me a short (50 characters) message.