Vickie's Workshops & Group Coaching

Right now all of my workshops and group coaching sessions are being held in the West Los Angeles, CA metro area. Contact me for locations and dates. If you would like to hold a workshop at your business, for your association, or in your home, contact Vickie.


My Most Popular Series-Nothing Is Impossible™                       

Nothing Is Impossible™ for Business
Take your Los Angeles business or career to the next level! Nothing Is Impossible™ for Business is a group coaching program for Entrepreneurs, CEO's, Executives and Salespeople. In a team environment, this program is designed to motivate you to change your strategy, release unproductive behaviors, use your "gut instincts" and achieve your business goals.

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"The Nothing Is Impossible™ Program is inspiring, motivating, innovating, and just downright fun! Vickie Champion is a fantastic speaker, motivator, and group coach. I highly recommend Nothing Is Impossible™ to anyone who has a desire to achieve their dreams."
Kelly Loeffler
Computer Programmer
Gilbert, AZ 85233

Nothing Is Impossible™ in Life
Find out what life is like when nothing is impossible! This program is an eye-opening approach that helps you master your inner game in achieving your wildest dreams in 5 areas of life - your Health, Work, Relationships, Finances and Spirituality. 

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