Video Series

Painless Ways to Stop People Pleasing: How to Say NO

and Still Be Kind

This 3 part downloadable video series is designed to help you stop saying YES when you really want to say NO. There are 3 ten minute videos that show you...

  • Common examples.
  • Underlying reasons why we do this.
  • The consequences of the inability to say NO.
  • How to say NO and still be kind.
  • Reflections of recovering people pleasers kicking their habit.

The Cost is What You Want to Pay! Either $6, $10 or $15

Yes, you read that right. We want as many people to enjoy and benefit from this series as possible. Cost should be no barrier.



On the Road to Real Video Program

This video series is designed to help you break out of old routines that have you running in circles to start truly living the life you were meant to live.  Each ten to fifteen minute lesson features scenes from the tale of a boy named Pistachio that illustrate universal challenges we encounter on the road to true and lasting fulfillment.  Questions, scenarios and weekly challenges will help you tap into your own personal wisdom and use it to courageously be who you really are in a world that would have you thinking you need to be someone else.