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Since getting results is so important in business coaching and consulting, and life coaching, this section has over 30 testimonials. Each one has their photo, full name, profession, location, and a way to contact them. 


"The personal and professional growth I've encountered since working with Vickie is immeasurable.  After one year, I'm running multiple businesses, pursuing my dreams, and leading a fulfilled, happy life."
Nicole Mabante
Multiple Business Owner


"Vickie is direct, honest and knows exactly what to say and do to get results. I have been struggling to find a career path that I enjoy and thanks to her I'm now headed in the right direction. She is one of a kind."
Gina Angel
On-Air Personality
Los Angeles, CA

"Vickie has helped me in more ways than I could have imagined when I first started coaching with her years ago. Because of her, I have developed thought patterns that have allowed me to find intuitive solutions for every issue I encounter."
Cindy Dillard
Owner, SBA Tax
Phoenix, AZ



"One thing Vickie does really well is help me get beneath the surface of the challenges I’m facing and uncover what is really getting in the way.   Usually it’s a subtle internal conflict that I wasn’t even aware of; bringing it to the surface, I can do something about it and move forward more effectively.”
Nahid Casazza
Leadership, Business, and Transition Coach
Laguna Niguel, CA



“Before I hired Vickie as my business coach I had no idea how to take my career in the direction I wanted to go.  After our first month of talking together she had me on the road to becoming confident, strong and proactive in starting and building my business. “
Julia Johnson
Personal Fitness Trainer
Chandler, AZ


"We have experienced amazing success with Vickie’s guidance.  It is so important to feel accountable for working on your business every day.  Vickie holds us accountable to our goals."
Dr. Matt Mitchell, NMD
Natural Medicine
Chandler, AZ 85286


“Even our first coaching sessions provided immediate benefits.  Yet as time has passed, the benefits continue to accrue, like compound interest at the bank.  My life isn't a hundred times better, it's a thousand times better.
Aileen Ryan 
Fitness Training
Milford, NJ


“Vickie Champion coached me to a better life. The road she put me on led me to be the top sales person in North and South America for a Fortune 100 company and gave me the courage to open my own sales training business."
Mark Toombs
Sales Training
Tempe, AZ 85226


“After 19 years in business (and weathering the crazy economy for three of them), I felt worn out - mentally, spiritually and physically. What I needed was an objective infusion of new, positive energy, both personally AND professionally - Vickie Champion turned out to be just what the doctor ordered! The call I made to Vickie was the best investment I’ve made in the last 10 years.”
Judith Mahlin Carter, IFDA, DSA
Interior Designer
Tempe, AZ


”When I started working with Vickie, my life was consumed with negative thoughts.  Vickie showed me a different way of thinking and living through her focus on positivity and daily affirmations that have helped me succeed in my career and personal life.”
Frank Spataro
Energy Audit Training
Brooklyn, NY 


"When I first began working with Vickie, I was running on empty – daily headaches, creative frustration and a serious lack of joy in my life. She has a knack for discerning when you are being too hard on yourself and when you’re making excuses. This, coupled with her practical methods, helped me find focus and stretch myself at work and take care of my health issues. I also started to laugh again and enjoy the journey.”
Sonja Haller
Arizona Republic Journalist
Chandler, AZ


"Before I met Vickie Champion I had a lot of confusion when it came to effectively running my own home repair company.  Since then, she has provided me with valuable insight to so stay focused and successfully achieve my business goals.  Utilizing Vickie as my business coach has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!"
Chris Riggs
Home Repair
Glendale, AZ


"I have had the good fortune of having Vickie as my coach for over 10 years.  Vickie has encouraged me at each juncture.  I have followed her advice and my business has grown every single year despite economic hard times.  Vickie was the best investment I made!" 
Patti Cain-Stanley
Executive Coaching, Consulting
Orange County, CA


 “Prior to working with Vickie, my financial goals never seemed to amount to anything and I was no better off then when I graduated from college. After a few coaching sessions with Vickie, I was able to use her money strategies and now I am in charge of my financial matters with a greater peace of mind; reaching the goals I have intended for greater freedom.”
Jeff Taylor
Scottsdale AZ


Vickie is non-judgmental, which makes it easy to talk with her and to trust her. There were coaching sessions that were so profound that if I had an unlimited amount in my checking account, I would have written her a check for $5,000.
Connie Kadansky
Phoenix, AZ


Engaging Vickie has been one of the best decisions I could have made to focus my efforts. Vickie is directly responsible for helping me identify my strengths and use them to generate income and satisfaction. I enthusiastically recommend her to anyone looking to grow personally, professionally, or financially.
Ketan Patel
Online and Search Marketing
Scottsdale, AZ

"If you ask me, what person has inspired you the most in your life? My answer would be, Vickie Champion."
Debbie Frank
Fashion Cards
Scottsdale, AZ



“During the 9 years I have known Vickie, I attended practically all of her many workshops and have been her coaching and consulting client. During that time I learned how to tap into my intuition to achieve better results in both my life and my business."


Darrell Merrick
Internet Marketing
Phoenix, AZ

SEO Web Help.com


“Before Vickie I was floundering, no real direction, and sales were sporadic.  With her guidance, I found direction and focus.  My business has increased 30%."
Alita Kalgaard
Tempe, AZ


"I've had the good fortune of being a coaching client of Vickie Champion since 2002. I value her no-nonsense approach; and the wisdom and insight that she weaves into her sessions has helped me dramatically in every area of my life."
Kathy Maguire, ABR

Scottsdale, AZ 85259


“Sometimes it's uncanny how Vickie seems to know me better than I know myself, and I feel I can count on Vickie to be direct and to the point. I thought I was hiring a business coach but the benefits have extended far beyond that.”
Nancy McCarthy, LMT, CPMP
Lightbody Massage and Energy Work


“I have benefited in countless ways from the wise consul, insight and kick-in-the-butt prodding from attending Vickie Champion's classes and having her as my coach. She has guided me to stay true to my intuition even when my overly logical mind says to do otherwise."
Jo Anne Musolf                                                                            
Business/Retirement Coach
Phoenix, AZ 85020


Vickie has helped me with my business in many ways. She is very intuitive and can see things that need to shift way before you do. I have avoided many costly mistakes by working with her. She is compassionate and yet direct. ”
Ericka Young
Certified Financial Counselor

Fishers, IN


Vickie is a no-nonsense, yet compassionate, coach who will listen, challenge, create, and lift you to your highest potential. She knows for her clients that they can achieve even greater results than they initially are looking for. She inspires and then is there to hold her clients accountable."
Connie Phillips
Executive VP, Alliance of AZ Nonprofits
Phoenix, AZ



“Vickie, every time I attend one of your classes I come away with important information to continue to grow my business. You are always on the cutting edge of what is going on in the world."
Barbara Kaplan
Interior Designer & Bajaro Method Creator
Scottsdale, AZ



"The Nothing Is Impossible™ Program is inspiring, motivating, innovating, and just downright fun! Vickie Champion is a fantastic speaker, motivator, and group coach. I highly recommend Nothing Is Impossible™ to anyone who has a desire to achieve their dreams."
Kelly Loeffler
Computer Programmer
Gilbert, AZ 85233


“Following Vickie advice enabled me to excel in my career as well as making the personal changes I needed to make. This leap of faith was nothing short of a miracle to me at the time. I tell my friends when they hit a wall, you don't need therapy, you need Vickie as your life coach!” 
Karen Supman
Chicago, Ill.


“Vickie has always been an out-of-the-box thinker. Her creative suggestions and resolutions have helped me advance through many hurdles while building a business. I especially like her approach and communication style telling me exactly what I need to hear, not always what I want to hear.”
Lucinda Lintz

Phoenix, AZ 85068


"Vickie Champion has a gift for helping people to tap into their intuition and free themselves from the fear and self-imposed limitations that keep them from success. This just may well be the best investment you'll ever make in yourself."
Diane M. Bolden
Coach, Author & Speaker
Phoenix, AZ



"I'm a very successful psychic, medium and spiritual coach, but when it comes to my own life, even I can get in the way of my 'intuitive' answers. Vickie helps me remember to listen to my intuition when I need it most."
Tammy Holmes
Psychic/Spiritual Coach
Phoenix, AZ



“Vickie has a true talent for bringing out your personal and professional best. She remains focused on her clients and their growth and it shows in everything she does. She helps bring reality and your dreams into alignment, allowing you to release frustration and fear.”
Kathy Church
Online Marketing
Peoria, AZ 85380


“With Vickie’s advice, I gotten over my fear of budgeting and increased my income.  Vickie’s one on one coaching has helped me with specific business issues; however her group classes have helped me relate to other business owners and learn from their input and experiences. Vickie’s dynamic coaching style has definitely helped me grow as a business owner.”
Heather L. Brown
Designer & Online Marketing
Peoria, AZ 85345


“As a financial planner, I joined Vickie's Mind Over Money Matters™ group coaching classes to learn about my clients and how to help them. To my surprise, after only a few weeks in Vickie's class I had a major personal breakthrough that may have taken me years to discover. I cannot stress how important it is to spend time analyzing and learning about yourself, especially when it comes to money."
Michelle Evard, CFP 
Investment Advisor
Phoenix, AZ 85016



“I worked with Vickie with the goal of improving my business. Not only did I do that but I improved personally as well. Her straight forward advice is practical, loving and realistic. I created a work book as she coached me and it has become my guide to build and improve my company.”
Jane Spicer
Golf Club Headcovers
Phoenix, AZ                                                                   


“When I think of "what made me who I am" well that was hands down your classes. I have taken many self growth classes since, but never have they come close to comparing to the personal value/impact that your classes had for me.”
Danna Evans
A former student!
Scottsdale, AZ