Life Questionnaire

Is this You?

Are you tired of…

  • Not being happy?
  • Never having enough time to do everything you want to do?
  • People pleasing?
  • Constantly worrying?
  • Getting nowhere, doing the same old things, getting the same results?
  • Being afraid of change?
  • Workingharder for less money?
  • Jumping from one fire to another?
  • Feeling guilty?
  • Wasting time trying to figure it out yourself?
  • Not using your intuition or gut instincts very often?


My best clients have answered YES to some of these questions, and wanted to change it. If this isn’t you, DON’T waste your money or our time working with me! You either don’t need a coach or are in heavy denial and aren’t ready for a life coach! Don’t bother even reading the rest of this page!

But if you DID answer YES to some of those questions, here’s how I can help you. To explore my Life Coaching services more.

But, If You are Ready to Take the Next Step Now

If you are ready to take action and see if I’m the right personal coach, individual coach or life coach for you, contact me. I can answer any of your questions and give you some starter tips on how to reach your goals or solve your current problems, of course, FREE of charge. I’m available 8-5 M-F (657) 231-9066 PST or send me a short (50 characters) message.