Coaching & Consulting- About my Clients


With extensive background in life coaching, management, sales and running my own business, I know the challenges, responsibilities and language of professionals, individuals and fellow entrepreneurs.


I'm NOT the right life, career, or business coach for people who...

  • Have ADD or ADHD. I recommend Denise Crane.

  • Only want a quick fix and stop their sessions when they first start feeling relief.

  • Can't handle straight answers or tough love when needed.

  • Just want to vent and have no interest in listening.


I am the RIGHT life, career, and business coach for people who are...

  • Serious about being authentic and successful in whatever they do.

  • Willing to change the way they think.

  • Ready to reinvent their business or themselves.


What Most of my Coaching and Consulting Clients do for a Living...

“Following Vickie advice enabled me to excel in my career as well as making the personal changes I needed to make. This leap of faith was nothing short of a miracle to me at the time. I tell my friends when they hit a wall, you don't need therapy, you need Vickie as your life coach!” 
Karen Supman
Chicago, Ill.

  • Management

  • Bookkeepers & CPAs

  • Financial Advisors

  • Teachers

  • Non-profit Executives

  • Artists & Photographers

  • Editors & Scriptwriters

  • Business Consultants

  • Mortgage Brokers & Realtors

  • Other Business Coaches

  • Other Speakers & Trainers

  • Attorneys

  • Salespeople

  • Computer Programmers

  • Surgeons, Nurses & Naturopathic Doctors

  • Professional Organizers

  • Interior Decorators

  • Internet Marketing Experts


Where Most of my Clients Live...

Most of my clients have been located in the Phoenix, AZ  and Los Angeles, CA metro areas, where I spend most of my time. But since I only do coaching sessions over the phone, I have coached clients in 36 different states, Jamica, Canada and England. I've also had several clients from Orange County, CA, New York, NY, Denver, CO, and Austin, TX.


What Gender is Most of my Clients...

Women seek out my style of coaching and consulting more often. The "intuition" aspect of my coaching method appeals to them because they recognize that they, too, have a wise voice that needs to be heard and followed. Yet it has been the men that I have coached that have appeared to have embraced my coaching concepts easily and quickly. As a result, men usually experience swift and successful results.

If You are Ready to Take the Next Step Now

If you are ready to take action and see if I'm the right career, life, or business coach for you, contact me. I can answer any of your questions and give you some starter tips on how to reach your goals or solve your current problems. I'm available 8-5 M-F (480) 838-9866 PST or send me a short (50 characters) message.