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I have several different pages in this section to help you decide if my style of business coaching, business consulting, and life coaching is right for you.
Check out this page, which provides a coaching and consulting overview. Curious to know more? My Results, About My Clients, and a page on explaining the Coaching and Consulting Sessions can provide the answers.

“After 19 years in business (and weathering the crazy economy for three of them), I felt worn out - mentally, spiritually and physically. What I needed was an objective infusion of new, positive energy, both personally AND professionally - Vickie Champion turned out to be just what the doctor ordered! The call I made to Vickie was the best investment I’ve made in the last 10 years.”
Judith Mahlin Carter, IFDA, DSA
Interior Designer
Tempe, AZ

My Coaching and Consulting Overview

I offer business coaching, business consulting and life coaching advice. Small business owners, professionals, and individuals hire me for my knowledge, skills and insights.

I am successful because I:

  • Use a combination of intuition and business/life experience to coach and consult my clients.

  • Show my clients how every thought they have has an effect.

  • Begin breaking down self-limiting behaviors immediately.

  • Emphasize developing your "intuition" or “gut feelings” as a core skill.

  • Foster an atmosphere of safety and support for your professional and personal growth.

  • Am not afraid to use tough love when needed.

  • Draw from over 40 different methods to help you shift your business and life forward.


My "coaching" has always included a heavy dose of "consulting" and visa versa. I believe that the combination is a necessary skill for any successful coach or consultant.

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What I Can Do for You...

I will show you how to change your attitudes and behaviors to take you to the next level.  This will allow you to make decisions and solve problems with your "intuition" or "gut instincts."   You will build your confidence and self-esteem. Your new attitude will eliminate stress and difficult situations. You will have more time,

  • Earn more and work less.

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  • Stay focused and motivated.

  • Get and keep clients easily.

Make change an adventure! My approach has repeatedly helped others with the challenges they face. Providing them more time to operate a better company or be a better person. The results speak for themselves.

My Results

Coaching and consulting sessions are about results. Period. If you are not achieving the goals you hired me for, you shouldn’t be working with me. I am proud of the results I have generated for my clients. Because each client has unique needs, the results are as varied and as diverse as they are. The one constant is my approach, using my "intuition." Here are some testimonials:

  • "It has literally lowered my high blood pressure to normal."

  • "I've put an end to my habit of procrastinating and operate most days at 100 percent."

  • "I went from paper shuffler to having work flow systems."

  • "I attracted so many new clients, I raised the fees for my CPA practice twice."

Read more about Client Results here.

About Vickie

I've been a full-time business coach, business consultant, and life coach for 14 years based in Phoenix, AZ and Los Angeles, CA. For almost all of that time I've had at least 25 individual coaching clients at once and for a year or so I had as many as 54. You can read more about my Bio here.
Here are some things you should know about me…

  • I prefer to listen and trust my "intuition" rather than using blanket, textbook methods.

  • I have been called the "accelerator."Many times clients tell me they get their first breakthroughs after speaking with me for as little as 20 minutes.

  • I have a custom approach that combines my "intuition," experience, and business/life education to produce results for my clients. Other business coaches have often sent me their hard-to-crackcases.

The bottom line is that I am committed to your success. Sometimes when it is clear clients are not, I have been known to fire them.

About my Clients

I am not the right coach or consultant for everyone and am particular about which clients I accept.  I have been an entrepreneur for more than 18 years and most of my total career has been in management or sales so Entrepreneurs, Salespeople or Independent Professionals are attracted to my methods. While a majority of my clients tend to be female, I have to say that the males are the ones who as a whole learn quickly and use the concepts easily, and are usually more successful. Learn more About my Clients here.

About the Coaching and Consulting Sessions

My coaching sessions consist of 30 minute calls that are personalized to your needs and agenda. Scheduled on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, each session is focused on addressing challenges blocking your success.  Business coaching and life coaching sessions are done on the phone.
The amount of time and agenda for business consulting depends on the needs of the client and can be done either on the phone or in person.  

Read more About both Coaching and Consulting here.

What’s the Next Step?

If you are ready to find out if I'm the right business coach, business consultant or life coach for you or your business, contact me. I can answer any of your questions or give you some starter tips on how to reach your goals or solve your current problems. I'm available 8-5 M-F (480) 838-9866 PST or send me a short (50 characters) message.