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Vickie’s Advice & Tips for Solving Your Financial Challenges

Do you make great money but feel you never have enough of it? Maybe you have good intentions but keep increasing your debt. Or you can’t see any value in having and following a budget. I can help.

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Do You Need to Change Your Relationship With Money?
Are you ready to take your relationship with money to a new level? Great! - but you need to know where you're starting from before you can make leaps and bounds. Take this test to get a clear view of your INNER thoughts, so you can stop sabotaging your financial well-being.

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 “Prior to working with Vickie, my financial goals never seemed to amount to anything and I was no better off then when I graduated from college. After a few coaching sessions with Vickie, I was able to use her money strategies and now I am in charge of my financial matters with a greater peace of mind; reaching the goals I have intended for greater freedom.”
Jeff Taylor
Scottsdale AZ

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“As a financial planner, I joined Vickie's Mind Over Money Matters™ group coaching classes to learn about my clients and how to help them. To my surprise, after only a few weeks in Vickie's class I had a major personal breakthrough that may have taken me years to discover. I cannot stress how important it is to spend time analyzing and learning about yourself, especially when it comes to money."

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Vickie’s Money Coaching

I DON’T focus my coaching around crunching numbers because I’m not a CPA or financial planner.

I DO help you use money to build your self-esteem and not make it a reason to tear yourself down. Our coaching sessions focus on getting rid of inner obstacles and emotional attachments, so you can finally feel free and have financial well-being. 


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