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Are you struggling with a difficult relationship? Maybe you worry too much. Do you constantly battle with extra weight? Have you ever thought about what it would be like to be happy? I can help.

"When I first began working with Vickie, I was running on empty – daily headaches, creative frustration and a serious lack of joy in my life. She has a knack for discerning when you are being too hard on yourself and when you’re making excuses. This, coupled with her practical methods, helped me find focus and stretch myself at work and take care of my health issues. I also started to laugh again and enjoy the journey.”
Sonja Haller
Arizona Republic Journalist
Chandler, AZ


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Life in General Topics...

About Relationships

It’s easy to think our only problem is the person in front of us and as soon as we get them to change their behavior or better yet, get away from us, we’ll be fine. But really, we are magnets and attract those difficult relationships until we start changing our mindset. 

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Being Happy

How many of us have made solving the current problem more important than being happy? But when we put our happiness as a higher priority our current problems start disappearing.

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Overcoming Fear

When most of us think of fear, we think scared to death, being terrified fear. Really, there is more to it than that. It can be as subtle as a slight annoyance or sneaky as doubting yourself for an instant.

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Releasing Guilt

Many of us think guilt is something we have to endure and that we have no control whether or not we feel guilty. But it’s not! It’s controllable.

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Thoughts & Affirmations

It seems like everyone is crazy busy nowadays, doing as much as we can possibly do everyday. But, it’s not how much we get done that matters, it’s what we’re thinking when we do it.

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Our Appearance

We think if we just lost a few pounds or looked different, we would be happy. But, it’s really changing our mindset that gives us the most joy.

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About Anything Else

This section contains everything else including the kitchen sink.

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Vickie’s Life Coaching

I DON’T help you dwell on past hurts or blame everyone and everything else for your situation.

I DO help you not settle for less with your life. Whatever your situation is, I assist you in examining your heart's desire, allowing you to stop your need for self-sabotage and giving you the ability to soar.


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