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Vickie’s Advice About Changing Your Career or Solving Your Challenges with Your Current Job

Are you thinking you need a new job or to change your career? Would you like to figure out what your dream job is? Or do you need help with your current position? I can help you.

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How Ready Are You to Get Your Dreams?

Have you ever wondered why you always fall short of achieving your career dreams? Or did you get your dream job only to see it vanish soon after? Take this test to find out how ready you are to get your dream job!


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“Vickie Champion coached me to a better life. The road she put me on led me to be the top sales person in North and South America for a Fortune 100 company and gave me the courage to open my own sales training business."

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Vickie’s Job & Career Coaching

I DON’T help you write your resume, practice interview role-playing, or makeover your image.

I DO help you not settle for less with your career. Whatever your work situation is, I assist you in examining your heart's desire, allowing you to stop your need for self-sabotage and giving you the ability to handle difficult superiors, co-workers and clients.


To read more about my services, go to my coaching & consulting page. Schedule a discovery consultation & coaching session today!