Vickie’s Advice & Tips for Solving Your Challenges Using Your Intuition

Are you tired of waking up every morning feeling insecure, out of control, and dreading all the problems the day will bring? Maybe you are tired of dealing with difficult relationships? Or tired of having money issues? Maybe you are just tired of not knowing if it’s your intuition or not?  I can help you fine tune your ability to recognize that inner voice that can end all your struggling.

“I have benefited in countless ways from the wise consul, insight and kick-in-the-butt prodding from attending Vickie Champion's classes and having her as my coach. She has guided me to stay true to my intuition even when my overly logical mind says to do otherwise."
Jo Anne Musolf                                                                            
Business/Retirement Coach
Phoenix, AZ 85020

Vickie’s Intuition Quiz

QUIZ— How Often do you Listen to Your Intuition or Gut Instincts?                                                           
Find out how much you utilize your intuition, inner guidance, or gut feelings on a daily basis.

Intuition in General   

Your (intuition, God, source, inner voice, sixth sense, spirit or whatever you want to call it) can solve all your problems, give you peace and achieve your dreams.  

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Getting Signs

We've all heard and probably said in several times, "That's a sign." Sometimes our intuition gives us external signs trying to tell us something. 

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Being in the Moment

How many of us have focused our attention on the future. When this happens or that happens we’ll be happy. By doing this, are we missing out on what’s happening now, right in front of our eyes?  

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In the Flow

You might think struggle and obstacles are normal and just part of the process. But it’s not. When you use your intuition, everything flows and is achieved so easily it’s hard to believe.

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In this section, you'll find how to use your intuition when dating, info on psychics, and info on meditating, among other stuff.

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Quiz- Are you Using your Intuition?


Vickie’s Intuition Workshops & Group Coaching

Nothing is ImpossibleProgram

Discover what your life is like when nothing is impossible! This program is an eye-opening method that helps you master your INNER GAME in achieving your wildest dreams and being able to listen to your intuition in 5 areas of your life.


Vickie's Intuition Coaching

I DON'T help you clear your chakras, urge you to use a pendulum or teach you how to read an astrology chart. I'm more practical.

I DO help you find, trust, and follow your own inner guidance in your own way.


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