The Miracle Cure for Money Issues

Every month, your bank account gets smaller, and you don't know where the money is going. You never seem to have enough to cover the bills, and there are more surprise expenses lurking around every corner. Are you frustrated, scared, and don't know where to turn for help? Do you need a miracle?

You can have one, and it is your power to give yourself. If there is one thing you could do right now that would drastically turn around your financial situation it is to make and follow a budget.

38 Miracles a Budget Can Do for You:

It would...

  • Take enormous amounts of FEAR away

  • Help you get your DREAMS or figure out what they are

  • End your awful habit of IMPULSE BUYING or at least slow it down

  • Make BILL paying less painful

  • Stop ARGUMENTS over money, which helps in the divorce rate

  • Motivate you to EARN MORE

  • Slow down the need to BLAME everyone and everything else for our financial mess

  • Show others by example how to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for their financial situation


  • Make you financially INDEPENDENT, not having to rely on others

  • Discontinue most, if not all, credit card DEBT

  • Help you UNDERSTAND the fundamentals of money and how it works

  • Put a stop to WASTEFUL spending

  • Bring HOPE, knowing there is a way to get out of your financial crisis

  • End spending to relieve GUILT

  • Help you SLEEP at night

  • TEACH others how easy it is to get their dreams too

  • Eliminate CONFUSION when making money decisions

  • Allow you time to APPRECIATE what you do have, instead of focusing on what you don't have

  • SLOW DOWN spending money when you need a pick-me-up

  • Alleviate the desire to BLOW money when we get windfalls, like bonuses, commission on a big sale, winning the lottery, and receive an inheritance or any other big payoff.

  • Empower you to say NO more often

  • End the desire to COMPLAIN about not having enough money

  • Almost make ENVY of others disappear


  • Stop OVERDRAFT charges

  • Strengthen our desire and ability to work with NUMBERS

  • Save you GAS and TIME by not running to the ATM every time you ran short on cash

  • Make your financial NEEDS just as important as others

  • Cut out the need to ASK for or BEG for a loan

  • Put an end to NICKEL and DIMING your money away

  • Eliminate the FEAR of relatives mooching off you

  • Prevent the need to buy things you can't afford to IMPRESS others

  • Stop the habit of using money to overcome LONELINESS, STRESS, or BOREDOM

  • Empower you by RESPONDING to salesmen with "It's not in my budget" or "I'll have to put it in the budget and save up for it"

  • Alleviate the need to find Prince or Princess Charming to take CARE OF US

  • Ends the DRAMA around money problems

  • Keep your life in BALANCE- allowing you to spend money in all areas of your life

Never underestimate the power of doing a proper budget and taking it seriously. If you create a budget, and form the good habit of sticking to it, you will steadily see your finances improve, your peace of mind grow, and your dreams come true!

If you need help with following a budget, contact Vickie Champion for a discovery coaching and consulting session.

By Vickie Champion


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