How to Overcome Fear of Losing your House

I have had the honor of being a business and life coach to Lucinda Lintz. I really admire how she handled this situation. Below is her story of how she got out of fear of a possible foreclosure. 

Here’s a recap of her story of about the fear of losing her house…
I got the house I always wanted and when the economy tanked in 2008, I lost customers just like everyone. Everyone’s house went down in value and so did mine, but I still wanted to stay as long as I could. I was in a lot of fear. I knew I might be one of the dominos and just thought I would hang in there.
So what happened was, I happened to be a numbers person and I started to take note of everything that was going on, and how I could track my budget better. How I could read up on what I need to do to save my house. I was talking to my loan people on a regular basis. Stayed in touch with them and what did they need from me to do a loan modification. That’s the road I took.
What happened was in order to stay out of the fear I stayed on top of my numbers. I would call them. I would send them the paperwork at least 6 times. It was a least 2 inches thick. I would talk with people who were successful at this and ask them how they did it. I would gather my information. I didn’t do a lot of praying. I just expected the house to be here. I expected God to take care of me. I stayed out of the fear because I let go and distanced myself from the emotion. That’s how I was able to stay out of it. And you know what it worked, it took a year. They modified my loan, cut my payment in half. I am so grateful no matter how ever long it lasts.

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