9 Ways to Get Rid of Fear

With everything changing so quickly, it's easy to become paralyzed with fear. People are losing jobs, entire industries are disappearing overnight and when you go to your favorite coffee shop for a little escapism in the form of a latte, you find it closed. For good.

To Get Rid of Fear and Worry Try One or a Combination of These Suggestions...

1  Make a Plan-

Sometimes the best way to get rid of fear is to have a Plan B waiting.

2 Decide to Fully Participate-

Often we get afraid when we're not giving 100 percent.

3 Use Affirmations-

Rather than letting our mind run rampant with negative thoughts, replace them with positive ones. Every thought - negative or positive - impacts our sense of well being. By replacing our negative thoughts with positive affirmations our fear begins to disappear.

4 Focus on What's Going Right-

Whatever we focus our attention on expands. If we're focusing on the woes that could befall us, then our fear increases. How about focusing on what's going right and seeing that grow?

5 Stay in the Moment-

When we're afraid we are either worrying about what will happen in the future or trying to rectify the past. To get in the moment, be concerned only with what's happening right NOW.

6 Start Taking Action-

When we feel paralyzed, confused and overwhelmed by a situation, one way to get out of the fear is to break it down into small, manageable tasks. Just get moving!

7 Stop Taking Action-

When we run into lots of road blocks, it's a good sign we're in fear. Our need to make something happen may be interfering with a resolution. If you're coming across lots of obstacles, the best way to get out of fear is to stop and do absolutely nothing. Wait until the fear passes and you listen to your intuition to take action.

8 Slow Down-

The more fear we're in, the more urgent things seem. We start breathing faster, talking faster and moving faster which escalates the perceived seriousness of the situation. To get out of fear, slow down, take a deep breath and relax. Put yourself in slow motion.

9  Move Into the Fear-

This is the last suggestion, because it's usually the hardest. When we have a situation that never seems to be resolved, it's because we are trying to avoid what we're afraid of. This only prolongs and intensifies the fear. Instead, move into the fear. Allow or accept the worst that might happen.  Think of the most fearful thing that could happen and give it permission to do so. Once we do that, the fear releases immediately.

We think the problem is this or that, but our real problem is the fear. Once you get rid of the fear, you can hear your intuition. And our intuition can get us out of any jam, anywhere, anytime with anyone.


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3 Responses to “9 Ways to Get Rid of Fear”

  1. Marcy Maslov says:

    These are all great suggestions for tackling fear – and provide different perspectives on ways to overcome it. I have something to add about #9 – In order to think of the most fearful thing that could happen, we should start first with exactly what we are already afraid of. Write that fear down on a piece of paper, then expand on it or create affirmations or do some of the other steps to remove the fear. Many times when I write down the fear I realize that I’ve conquered that fear at some other time in my life, and that also helps reduce the fear.

  2. Great ideas and ones that work well. Another approach to fear is to find the real source of it, work through it, then employ your suggestions.

    Much success to all

  3. Beverly says:

    Finally had a chance to read this, and it is right on time for what I am going through right now! Thank you for the reminder!