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For more than 14 years, I have been a business coach, business consultant, and a life coach. I help entrepreneurs, executives, professionals and individuals from all over the U.S. master their "Inner Game" to run more successful businesses and to personally thrive.  

In working with hundreds of people, I have learned that mastering your “Inner Game” is an experience that must be tailored to each person. This website helps you explore my many methods to see if one of them is right for you. I encourage you to explore my site to see how I can help you master your “Inner Game.” 

Need Answers Quickly?

If you are looking for actual answers to some of your challenges, look at the left hand column menu. I am constantly adding more information to help you improve your ability to use your intuition or gut instincts, run a business, change your career, overcome money or people pleasing issues, live a better life, or learn more about coaching.

"I have had the good fortune of having Vickie as my coach for over 10 years.  Vickie has encouraged me at each juncture.  I have followed her advice and my business has grown every single year despite economic hard times.  Vickie was the best investment I made!" 
Patti Cain-Stanley
Executive Coaching, Consulting
Orange County, CA

Test Yourself

If you are interested in taking Quizzes, I have FIVE of them. They are...

Looking to Join a Group?

If group coaching or workshops interest you, check out my most popular series, the Nothing Is ImpossibleProgram. It is designed to teach and empower you to:

  • Use less effort to accomplish more.                                                                                                                   
  • Eliminate stress and difficult situations.                           
  • Put doubt and fear aside.
  • Hone your ability to listen to your intuition or gut instincts.

Want Individual Help?

I have several different pages on my site to help you decide if my style of business coaching and life coaching is right for you. There is a page describing coaching and consulting overview and a page on My Results.  I’ve also included who I am not a good coach for and even what most of my clients do for a living on my About My Clients page. There is also a page on everything you want to know about the Coaching and Consulting Sessions themselves. 

Why settle for ORDINARY when you can have AMAZING?

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